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Are dental x-rays safe?

Many patients express a concern about the radiation exposure associated with dental x-rays. Your safety is always a top priority for us! We switched to digital x-rays for our patients, reducing radiation by up to 90 percent over traditional film x-rays.

Digital dental x-rays have other benefits, including appearing instantly on our computer screens right in the treatment room so Dr. Alano can review any troubled teeth right away. We can also show you what we see so that you fully understand your condition and your treatment options.

Digital dental x-rays are better for the environment. Because they do not require developing, we have eliminated the need for the chemicals used in film x-rays.

When we take a digital x-ray, we capture the highest resolution possible. We can zoom-in on suspicious areas to take a closer look. Just like with digital photography, we can adjust the contrast and exposure. We can even flip the image for a closer look. By having a larger, sharper image, we can identify dental conditions in their earliest stages.

Dental x-rays are safe and a good investment in the future of your smile. We save them securely in your digital chart so that we can compare them over time and monitor your health.

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