Nightguards and Athletic Mouthguards

When you think of preventive dentistry, you probably think of dental exams and fluoride treatments.

We believe in prevention from every angle. Part of that is offering protective nightguards and athletic mouthguards. 

The Nightly Grind

Has your partner mentioned that you grind your teeth while you sleep? You are not alone! Millions of Americans suffer from bruxism, a clenching and grinding habit. Bruxism can affect patients of any age, but a few things can increase your chances of having a teeth grinding habit:

1.    Alcohol
2.    Certain medications
3.    Drug use
4.    Anxiety
5.    Stress

Symptoms that indicate you might grind your teeth include:

  • Sensitivity
  • Bite marks along the insides of your cheeks
  • Bony growths under your tongue
  • Headaches
  • Gum recession
  • Jaw joint pain
  • Clicking or popping of your jaw joints

Many patients will have an occasional experience with teeth grinding, but if it persists, seeking treatment is important.

Long-term bruxism can negatively impact your oral health by causing:

  • Jaw pain
  • Worn teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Sensitivity
  • Shortened teeth

Custom Nightguards

At Smiling Hills Dental, we create custom nightguards to protect your teeth while you sleep. Nightguards create a barrier between your upper and lower teeth, protecting them from too much pressure caused by grinding.

Wearing a nightguard while you sleep can help prevent serious dental conditions and save them from damage, such as cracks.

A properly created nightguard can help your jaw muscles relax and promote a better night's sleep. Most of our patients experience relief quickly and enjoy the comfort our nightguards provide.

Athletic Mouthguards

Playing sports can be a great way to build your self-confidence and stay healthy. Sometimes, however, sports can put your teeth at risk. A fly ball, stray hockey stick, or a wrestler’s elbow can all cause you to lose a tooth, which takes the fun out of the game and can leave a permanent scar on your smile.

Whether it is you competing in team sports or your child, we can create comfortable athletic mouthguards so you can have fun and stay safe. 

Athletic mouthguards are appropriate for:

  • Lacrosse
  • Wrestling
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Mountain biking
  • Boxing
  • Martial arts


Since our athletic mouthguards are custom created to fit your teeth perfectly, they stay put when you need them most and have a low profile to make breathing easy and natural. We can create them in fun colors to promote team spirit or make them more discreet by creating a clear design.

To Learn More about How to Protect Your Smile, Call Us!

Dr. Michael Alano and our entire Chino Hills dental team look forward to helping you keep your smile looking and feeling its best. Call us to schedule a consultation and learn how nightguards and mouthguards can help keep your teeth safe and free from damage!